Towards a balancing safety against performance approach in human-robot co-manipulation for door-closing emergencies

This paper investigates the safety-critical motion planning and control problem to balance robotic safety against teleoperation performance during work emergencies.

Self-protective motion planning for mobile manipulators in a dynamic door-closing workspace

This paper aims to address a mobile manipulator's behavior planning problem for responding to a dynamic constrained workspace released by door-opening.

Advanced robust control techniques for the stabilization of translational oscillator with rotational actuator based barge-type OFWT



Orbitally stabilizing control for the underactuated translational oscillator with rotational actuator system: Design and experimentation

This paper describes an orbitally stabilizing control strategy to steer oscillating movements of a translational oscillator with rotational actuator system.

欠驱动TORA 振荡轨迹跟踪的模糊控制设计


An omnidirectional 3D sensor with line laser scanning

Virtual constraints based control design of an inclined Translational Oscillator with Rotational Actuator System

This paper describes a novel virtual constraints-based method to control the TORA system's movements, which are extended to inclined planes.